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On Emptiness and Closeness (part 1)

Article by Thomas Fogarty, MD. in PDF format

The Distancer and the Pursuer

Article by Thomas Fogarty, MD. in PDF format


Article by Thomas Fogarty, MD. in PDF format

On Emptiness and Closeness (part 2)

Article by Thomas Fogarty, MD. in PDF format


PTSD Awarness

How to identify symptoms, types of PTSD, and ways to seek treatment

David Perlmutter on Parkinsons

ADHD Drugs Associated with a Dramatic Increased Risk for Parkinson’s.

Great source of L-theanine

It works, the quality is excellent, it is easy to take during the day by putting the desired dose in a water bottle, and it is very inexpensive.

Bully Beware

Bullies don’t just roam the schoolyards and playgrounds. They can be found at work, your social circles and even under your own roof!

National Center for PTSD

The National Center for PTSD is dedicated to research and education on trauma and PTSD. We work to assure that the latest research findings help those exposed to trauma.


NeuroScience, Inc. has developed a line of nutraceutical formulas that specifically target the spectrum of neurotransmitter balances.

Patience Press

Patience Press started in 1993 with the publication of Why Is Daddy Like He Is? a book for the children of veterans with PTSD and the first issue of The Post-Traumatic Gazette.

Sidran Institute

Helping people understand, manage, and treat trauma and dissociation.

St.John's Wort & Depresion

St. John’s wort’s action of mood modulation takes place at the synapsomal level where it works to inhibit the reuptake of three of the four known feel-good neurotransmitters.

EEG Education and Research

A network of clinicians, teachers and researchers dedicated to advancing the science and application of Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback & Peak Performance

EEG Feedback for Peak Performance, featuring the work of Rae Tattenbaum and Susan Othmer.

Sea Change Neurofeedback

owned and operated by Paul Farrington. Based in West Tisbury, MA.
Revolutionizing health care by spurring on self-directed holistic change.

Brain and Health

Dr. Karen Shue, a psychologist with training in clinical neuropsychology and neurorehabilitation.

Zengar Institute

NeurOptimal® brain-training technology.

Neurofeedback and ADD/ADHD

the Effects on Inattention, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity: a Meta-Analysis

Neurofeedback and PTSD

Brian Othemer Foundation. Through research and exploration, the foundation continues to pursue the nonprofit objectives of research, education, and clinical services in neurofeedback.

EEG Info Articles

Somewhat technical but very informative articles about using neurofeedback in situations where there has been emotional trauma early in a person’s life.

Directory of NeurOptimal trainers

Directory of neurofeedback practitioners, who use the same software (NeuroCare Pro) that I use; I know many of  these neurofeedback trainers but as always, your own discretion  should prevail.