Is on-line therapy the right choice for you?

For most people, the idea of speaking with a therapist on the phone or via a video chat sounds a little dicey.

What about privacy? Can I really connect with a therapist without being in the same room? Isn’t it kind of awkward?

Research has demonstrated, long before the COVID-19 crisis, that on-line therapy is as effective as in person sessions. Privacy is assured via secure connection, which therapists are required to use.

In my practice, I provide my clients with user-friendly ways of signing consent forms, reviewing office policies, as well as a variety of options to set up sessions – phone, facetime, or private, secure telemedicine platforms.

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So how do you decide whether or not on-line therapy is for you?

  1. Are you isolating, staying at home because the virus is surging in your area? Do you have a pre-existing condition that makes it safer to stay at home?

  2. Are your coping mechanisms – eating an extra slice of pie, buying another pair of shoes, adding one more drink to your evening routine, self-isolating, being a little cranky – spinning out of control?

How To Tell If You Need To Start Doing Online Therapy
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If you answer “yes” to both of these questions, on-line counseling may be right for you.

For Pennsylvania residents* – email me at ( or call (717.961.0088) to speak with me directly.

For others – search online for licensed therapists or counselors in your own state, or contact your insurance company to get a list of licensed therapists who work with your company/policy.

*State laws mandate that telehealth or on-line appointment can only be conducted between therapists who are licensed in the same state that the client is in at the time of the session.