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There is a growing awareness among alternative and integrative health practitioners, that exposure to the:

  1. coronavirus

  2. age

  3. underlying health conditions

are three of top four factors involved in determining who gets COVID-19 and how serious is the case.

The fourth factor is the condition of the host – you – a human being with a wide range of factors that leave you more or less susceptible.

Here are four supplements that you might consider taking to boost your immune system capacity:

  1. Initial research has demonstrated that patient who became seriously ill with cover have low levels of selenium Before taking selenium supplements, check all your supplements/vitamins to make sure you aren’t already talking this-most doctors recommend between 200-400 MICROgrams a day total.

  2. Low levels of sIGA in the gut are associated wit more serious cases and selenium may provide important protection from this virus:
    There are many ways to increase these levels, check it out for yourself. One way is to take about 5 grams of L-glutamate a day.

  3. Relatively high doses of Vitamin D are being recommended by some researchers: Doses of 1200-2500 international units of Vitamin D is a good way to start; ideally get your level tested first.

  4. Zinc has been found to retard the susceptibility and severity of COVID-19.
    30 mg a day is a typical dose of zinc.

By the way – while there doesn’t seem to be much research on the role of Vitamin C with regard to the virus, even the federal government isn’t ruling it out –

I take 3 grams, in divided doses, of Vitamin C per day.

None of these suggestions replaces common sense of following the well-established guidelines of social distancing, masks and hand-washing.

Let’s get to the other side of this safe and sound.

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