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Survivors of Assault and Penn State Abuse Scandal

The recent allegations of child sexual abuse and cover up at Penn State University have been upsetting to a large cross section of the America public. Deeply effected are the residents of State College, PA, students, faculty, staff and alumni of Penn State, the alleged victims and their families as well as school age children, adolescents and adult survivors of sexual assault. The alleged rapist, former assistant Penn State football coach, Jerry Sandusky, 68, is awaiting trial in Pennsylvania.

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POSTED BY Joan-Marie Lartin ON FEBRUARY 6, 2012

My article on PTSD -
The Mind/Body Connection

published in Safe Relationships Magazine

Cortisol-What You Need to Know – Part I

What Is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a chemical messenger produced when the brain tells the adrenal glands “Hey, we need some energy, now!” Cortisol triggers a release of insulin into the blood stream, mobilizing the body’s flight or fight response. After the initial alarm, cortisol production winds down. However, when there is chronic, sustained stress, the body may begin a descent “down the rabbit hole” into adrenal imbalance, creating many different types of problems...

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POSTED BY Joan-Marie Lartin ON NOVEMBER 15, 2010