Phone or video
crisis counseling available

Sometimes it helps to have another point of view to support your own problem-solving during a tough time.

I’m available for phone or video counseling sessions at a reasonable fee.

I offer short and long term sessions designed to help people deal with isolation, loneliness, conflict with family members and the overall stress of dealing with this pandemic. As a nurse, I am knowledgeable about ways to stay safe, and as a counselor, I have a great deal of experience helping people through difficult times.

I can help you:

  1. develop effective coping strategies,
  2. help you find effective ways to maintain your composure,
  3. discuss the use of various supplements for anxiety reduction and sleep,
  4. bring my extensive experience as a family therapist to help you reduce friction with others.

Feel free to call my office 717.258.5915 or email me at

Discover natural, safe & effective alternatives to psychiatric drugs

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, grief or loss, addictive behaviors, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, or any other emotional issues, you can get real help through a customized plan.

Please note that I do NOT prescribe psychiatric drugs.

People who have had strokes or head injuries may find that neurofeedback training will improve their functioning substantially-see below.

I help people get their lives back.

Back from the Brink of TBI

In the spring of 2012, Dr. Lartin’s 21 year old son Brian was hit by a car that ran a stop sign. 

Brian was riding a motorcycle and wearing a helmet, and he suffered life threatening injuries, most critically a traumatic brain injury (TBI.) 

This 5 minute video summarizes the use of NeurOptimal in helping Brian recover his cognitive and physical capabilities.

My latest articles

Dear Readers,

Here’s a thoughtful article on seeking therapy in general and about anxiety specifically. Unfortunately, the author uses the term “mental illness” to describe people with anxiety, something I find deeply objectionable. Nevertheless, there is a lot of good information here, feel free to pass it on.

11 Signs It's Time to Seek Help for Your Anxiety - Prevention

POSTED BY Joan-Marie Lartin ON April 6, 2021

Staying Afloat

No one is untouched by this crisis. Some populations – people of color, nursing home residents, the disabled, impoverished and incarcerated – are being decimated before our eyes. Anyone with a heart is shaken to the core by the widespread devastation we see around us.

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POSTED BY Joan-Marie Lartin ON June15, 2020

Becoming My Own Mother

The cultural ambivalence we see every Mothers Day about whether to celebrate this made up holiday (aren’t they all?) is probably a good reflection of the inherent ambivalence we humans have about mothers, mothering, being a mother, relating to our mothers, the whole deal.

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POSTED BY Joan-Marie Lartin ON MAY 8, 2018

Holistic Approaches to Managing Depression

by Erin Lehn

Reprinted with permission from Natural Awakenings of South Central PA, October, 2015

According to an report, an estimated 8 percent of Americans suffer from depression. “There are depressing, oppressive events that can happen in a person’s life. Depression is a natural consequence of experiencing sustained stress, loss, mistreatment, physical trauma or serious illness.

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Serotonin Deficiency: A Root Cause of Your Depression Symptoms?

Is “serotonin deficiency” the underlying cause of your depression symptoms – feelings of pessimism, sadness, distrust, hopelessness or anxiety? If so, discover how you can reverse serotonin deficiency with a natural supplement.

Serotonin is an important chemical that helps relay signals from one area of the brain to the other. It plays a key role in psychological functions and is responsible for a feeling of calmness and well-being. Of the approximately 40 million brain cells, most are influenced either directly or indirectly by serotonin. This includes brain cells related to sleep, memory, learning, temperament, appetite and social behavior.

Read more at Natural Health Advisory Institute...

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POSTED BY Joan-Marie Lartin ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

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